Recent Burglaries: What We Know

There was a burglary on Thursday afternoon at 1616 Grand Avenue (between Newhall and Mt. View). The burglars entered through the back of the house, broke the glass in a door and then opened it. The house alarm was not on. Apparently they had plenty of time in the house and took a lot of valuables. The SRPD came but of course are not hopeful of recovering anything.

The owners saw several suspicious people during the last week. As with all of us, thought it was odd but didn’t want to be paranoid and call the police. On Sunday they saw a woman in front of their house taking photos with her cell phone. There were also instances of two women (one white, one black), hanging around. Since first posting this report, I’ve received several other emails saying these women were seen elsewhere in the neighborhood.
There is a lot of activity on Grand Ave with students, construction on Belle, the new field being put in…there are people you may not know. But if you see someone who does not belong, people sitting in a car,  loitering, taking photos, appearing more than once around your house or people who come to your door… notify the police at their non-emergency line: 485-3000. As we all know, our Police Dept is overstretched and it may take a while for them to get to you…but please report anyway AND send an email to Descriptions, license plates, car models…anything you can tell them specifically will help. Check this site regularly and we will post information we receive.

The issue we am up against is that we have no way to communicate throughout the neighborhood. We are only in the beginning stages of a neighborhood watch program, and have only 30% of residents on the DBCNA email list. We are working on a better plan to provide regular information and reports of suspicious behaviors.

What can you do to get the word out?

Talk to your neighbors and others you know in Dominican. Ask everyone to go to the website and send their email address and street address to It is not our intention to pepper you with needless emails, but we will send them out when there is important information. Thank you for your help!!