I'm Ready, are you sign.

Rafael Dr. is READY for a Disaster

Rafael Drive is our first neighborhood group to have a majority of participants complete the 5 Simple Steps to Prepare. We have placed a lawn sign in their yards to show off their accomplishment! Take a drive down Rafael and see the participation. Nice job!

This is how ReadyDominican works. We build groups and ask participants to do the 5 Simple Steps:

1. Form a group (that is easy since you start off with one!)

2. Store Water for 5 days (1 gal/per person per day)

3. Put a flashlight by your bed

4. Place a wrench near your gas meter and know how to turn it off (and the water too)

5. Put a pair of shoes and socks under your bed.

When the majority of the group has completed the steps, we ask to put a sign in their yard for ONE WEEK and then we’ll pick them up, and put them in another neighborhood group. Next week: Palm Ave. and St. Francis Lane!

It is easy. Takes little time and it is our first steps to getting Dominican Black Canyon ready to survive an major disaster.

Want a group on your street?

Call Paula at 415 455-5301 or email us at info@dominicanareanews.com. We’ll get your group moving forward.

If you are in a group, or identified as a block captain and need help keeping your organizing moving forward, let us know. Don’t wait for the disaster to happen!