Summer Scoop 2017!

To all the folks who helped with the Neighborhood Association ice cream social,

Here’s a big thank you and a “Well Done” to each of you who volunteered to contribute to the success of our “social.”.  Special thanks go to the folks who worked the entire time: Noemie von Kaenel and Lauren Ferrell, 2nd year students at DU, who helped with the setup and then assisted Jeff Cardneau at the serving table until the closing time; and Sara Sonnet and daughter Isabel for once again being the tried and true mainstays at our face-painting table, creating marvelous art on the children’s faces. And Doug Lee for always looking for things that needed doing.

Our best count is approximately 125 attendees with some 40+ being students and staff of Dominican University plus parents of arriving students.  Thanks to San Rafael Police Chief Bishop and Fire Chief Gray, the police were in attendance until called away on patrol as was the fire engine and crew until called away.

So, to everyone who helped on our “social,” we want you to know how much we, the Board, appreciate your support.

Board members Jay Hubert, Marty Wickenheiser, Robert Levine, Jeff Cardneau, Bonnie Marks and Edie Dagley

And I would like to again express my great appreciation to the Ice Cream Social Committee—Board members Jay, Jeff, Joan, Bob, and Marty– who made all this happen so well and who always stepped up to do far more than what was required.  We have a wonderful team of folks on our Board.

Jack Nixon, Pres. DBCNA