DBCNA Annual Neighborhood Meeting Summary

On May 5th, prior to the Dominican Black Canyon Neighborhood Association’s Wildfire Defense Forum, the Association held a brief annual business meeting at the Creekside Room at which time two items were brought to the members’ attention following the call to order at 10:04am.

First, in the interest of time, a printed copy of the Treasurer’s Report was provided to all attendees, and anyone wishing to pursue a more detailed accounting or having questions was asked to follow up with Bonnie Marks, Treasurer, at the end of the meeting.  Bonne reported that there were no questions.

Second, for those positions on the Board whose two-year terms were expiring, the President introduced a slate of nominees for two-year terms beginning effective June 1, 2018 as follows:

For Vice-President: Jay Hubert*

For Treasurer: Bonnie Marks*

For Directors:  Robert Levine*, John Contini, Liza Moran

Motion was made, seconded and passed without discussion to place the above names in nomination.

A call was made for further nominations from the floor: none were made.

Motion was made, seconded and passed without discussion to elect the above slate by acclamation.

The business meeting was concluded at 10:17am and the Wildfire Defense Forum was begun with the first speaker.

Here is a list of the Wildfire Defense Forum speakers and a link to their presentations:

Richard Shortall, President of the Fire Safe Marin Council and President of the Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District presentation: Fire Preparedness

Fire Inspector Marshall Nau of the SR Fire Dept., Vegetation Management Coordinator presentation: Hazardous Assessments

Katherine Randolph, Marin Master Gardener presentation:  Vegetation

Diana Bishop, SR Chief of Police presentation: Evacuation Plans

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Nixon, President