DBCNA Wildfire Defense Bulletin No. 1

On How to Save Your Home and Your Life

Following up on our Wildfire Defense Forum on May 5th, your Neighborhood Assn. will send you added (maybe repetitive, but that’s ok!) facts—just the facts–periodically.

For openers, you have asked about “walk-throughs” (not in your home but outside) by specialists from the SRFD who will show you ways to “harden” your home against the embers of a wildfire.
Both Fire Inspector Pat Bignardi and Fire Inspector Marshall Nau of the SR Fire Dept. are the Vegetation Management Coordinators tasked with protecting the City’s residents and open space from wildfire threats by regularly conducting hazard assessments and inspections for and with property owners. They bring the latest ideas and perspectives based on what has been learned from the Sonoma fires. With about 950 homes in the Dominican area, we suggest you call them now and not wait for the wildfire season to be in full force.

Their contact info is:
Pat Bignardi, work (415) 485-3308 or mobile (415) 847-8385

Marshall Nau, work (415) 485-3457 or mobile (415) 847-8451

Where possible, you may wish to ask your adjacent neighbors if they would like to be included in the walk-through of property at the same time as you, particularly if your homes are close together.