The DBCNA Wildfire Defense Bulletin No. 2

On How to Save Your Home and Your Life

Every Dominican Black Canyon resident can learn how to deal with the threat of wildfires by watching (lots of pictures and short videos) and listen/reading to this course, particularly the first four lesson sections.

You will learn:

How a wildfire behaves
How homes can ignite when in the proximity of a wildfire
How simple actions can reduce the likelihood of your home being destroyed
How community actions can affect the level of damage caused by a wildfire
And much more

While the course is aimed at fire prevention professionals, it is a major source of information for the homeowner who is living under the perennial threat of wildfire as are all of us living in the Dominican Black Canyon community.

The course is presented in a fashion like that of an online driver education course, with multiple chapters and quizzes at the end of each chapter.  It can be taken all at once or spread out over several days. And it is free.

To access this information, please go to the following site. (This seems to work better on a desktop computer as opposed to an iPad.)