The DBCNA Wildfire Defense Bulletin No. 4

On How to Save Your Home and Your Life

Alert Marin sends a notice to your phone(s) of impending life-threatening events. Timely notice could save your life, especially at night. Alert Marin is a free service offered by the Marin County Office of Emergency Services. Sign up here:  

Registration is particularly important because the current list of phone numbers available to Marin County does not include numbers for cell phones or phone services bundled with internet such as Comcast and AT&T.

Only 466 addresses in our Dominican Black Canyon neighborhood have registered with Alert Marin. This is just half of the 904 homes in our neighborhood. All our homes should be registered – no one should be left behind in an evacuation.  So please sign up now.

In cooperation with the San Rafael Police Department, we are planning an evacuation drill for later this summer. We will use Alert Marin to encourage participation. If you don’t want to test your device or receive a notice of this drill, Alert Marin allows a user to opt out of anything that is not a real emergency.

You may have heard of Nixle, but it is no substitute for Alert Marin. Nixle allows local police departments and county emergency management offices to send notices to subscribers. In Marin, Nixle even includes notices of events like road closures. To sign up, go to:

Thought for the day:
“Fires don’t act the way you think they