Public Meetings Schedule

To our Dominican Black Canyon Neighborhood Association members and interested San Rafael residents: 

DURING COVID 19 MEETINGS ARE VIA ZOOM (contact Kerry for Zoom Link Info)

JANUARY 12TH 20221 @ 7PM

Meeting ID: 415 279 1530
Password: 12345678

The Board of Directors of the DBCNA has elected to hold combined formal Board and Membership meetings at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of the following months: January, April, July and October, i.e, the first month of each calendar quarter: we encourage membership attendance.

Post Covid Restrictions the meetings will be held at the Trinity Community Church, 1675 Grand Avenue. San Rafael, in the conference room located on the south side of the east building (#1665), up the brick stairs to the covered porch.

Remaining informal Board or committee meetings may be held in the intervening months at homes of Directors. Meetings will be announced on MailChimp and the location will be provided to any member who wants to attend.