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The mission of the Dominican Black Canyon Neighborhood Association is to:

  1. Enhance the livability of the area by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison between the neighbors, Dominican University, local businesses and organizations, government agencies, and other neighborhoods.
  2. Organize and facilitate social activities allowing neighbors to get acquainted with each other and foster community pride.
  3. Inform and advocate for the desired quality of life in our neighborhood.
  4. Provide an open process by which all members of the neighborhood may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood.
  5. Improve neighborhood safety and build disaster preparedness.

The Association Board Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm.  Meeting location is at the Trinity Community Church (west side of office building) 1675 Grand Avenue in San Rafael in the months of January, April, July and October.  You are encouraged to join a committee to help organize an event or give ideas for events, activities or community projects you would like to see.

Annual Membership Dues

Anyone who resides within the Dominican neighborhood of San Rafael is welcome to join the Neighborhood Association for $30 a year.  The nominal dues fund our Annual Ice Cream Social, the February Cocktail Party at the Marin Tennis Club, a bi-annual newsletter and the DBCNA Annual Business meeting that hosts special events that serve our community as a whole, such as the Security Forum, Chipper Days, Fire Safety Seminars, and more.  Join us and participate in your community.

Pay through PayPal (or credit/debit card – no PP account needed)

DBCNA Payment

Or mail a check to:   DBCNA

P.O. Box 151702
San Rafael, CA 94915-1702


2021 DBCNA Board Members

The Dominican Black Canyon Neighborhood Association is pleased to present the 2020 – 2021 Board of Directors.

Jay Hubert, President:  Jay is retired from Chevron after almost 30 years of service. He is Chief Radio Officer for the amateur radio group that is sponsored by the Marin County Sheriff.  He also leads radio support operations for the Red Cross in San Rafael.  He and his wife Mayme have resided in their Dominican home for 49 years.

Becky Gayman, Secretary, is a new Dominican neighbor, having spent the last 12 years in  Marin getting to know it well as a Health Services Coordinator/School Nurse for several school districts and also through hiking and biking the many wonderful trails of Marin. Prior to coming to Marin, she spent 50+ years in the Far North of California and Alaska, connecting to Marin through being a Guide Dog puppy raiser and leader and by going to UCSF for her nursing degree. Becky, partner Peter Banning and Farley the dog are thrilled to be in the neighborhood.

John Contini, Board Member:  John is a Los Angeles native and moved up here twelve years ago with his wife (and loving it.)  He is now retired from a variety of jobs, including: elementary school teacher, credit analyst,  finance and control manager for a major food manufacturer, computer software tester and lastly as a movie and television extra. John is looking forward to being part of the Board of Directors and contributing to this already fine community.

Kathy Burwell: Kathy and her husband moved from Mill Valley seeking warmer weather and a larger garden just before the quarantine was imposed. She joined the neighborhood association to learn more about the area and meet neighbors. Kathy was raised in a military family and has lived in many states prior to arriving in the Bay Area as a child. She received her undergraduate and master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University. She has been an ergonomic consultant for the past 25 years. They have two dogs, Wallace and Winnie, who have likely barked as you walked by “their” home. If not hiking the trails or in her garden, she and her husband have penchant for world travel. Most recently, they purchased a vacation rental home in Costa Rica.

Monica McMillan:  Monica has been in  San Rafael over 20 years.   A native Los Angelino, she lived in Germany, Spain and finally the UK for 9 years.  She and her husband, Lorne, moved her and raised  their 4 daughters in the San Rafael community.  Monica is an avid soccer enthusiast, playing, watching, and following the game. She has volunteered for a variety of non-profits with a specific passion for high school exchange students.  She is currently employed at the San Rafael Elks Lodge.

Herb Ancell:  Herb grew up in Napa. After graduating from Napa High School, he attended Santa Clara University studying mechanical engineering.  His first career was with Bank of America where he spent 4 years managing a Vietnam B of A branch during the Vietnam war years.  For the past 30 years he has been in property management.  His passion for 30 years was sailboat racing in the San Francisco Bay.  Herb and his wife, Pauline, have lived in the Dominican Black Canyon neighborhood for 40 years.


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By Laws

Download the DBCNA By-Laws adopted May 2016.